Through a largely collaborative practice, Angelica Bollettinari’s work spans curatorial, educational and artistic projects, which often have a socially engaged and participatory aspect. Since 2017 she has co-run resina, a platform for research based between London and Ferrara. resina’s work is invested in developing feminist, environmentally sustainable and non-human-centric practices through slow-paced alternative education experiments and residencies.



20 - 21 July 2017
Italian Cultural Institute, London
Intsallatin and durational performance

Lavanda: A Useless Growth Prefixed To The Play was the first iteration of an ongoing research collaboration between movement artist Margherita Elliot, curator Angelica Bollettinari and sound designer Edoardo R. Elliot.

The work, presented at the Italian Cultural Institute in London in 2017, brings together different voices from the field of dance, art and second-wave feminism in a sound and visual installation accompanied by a live performance, which reinterprets the work of a little-known and enigmatic artist who was active in Italy in the 70's under the pseudonym L. 

Exploring notes on her artistic practice, a series of written choreographic scores and memories of her involvement with feminist collectives, the piece reflects on storytelling and explores the meaning and possibilities of autobiographical narration.

“Follow whatever happens here for at least until-it-gets-awkward - Awkward can also veer into shame - sometimes this can help us locate another part of ourselves/an(other) that we've made silent/tried to un-know […]”

(Quote by Jennifer-Lynn Crawford)


Concept & production: Margherita Elliot & Angelica Bollettinari

Performed by Margherita Elliot

Curated by Angelica Bollettinari

Sound: Lavanda 0.1 original composition by Edoardo R. Elliot & Marco Tomesani

With the participation of Leonetta Bentivoglio, Marcella Campagnano, Jennifer-Lynn Crawford, Bridie Gane, Francesca Pennini and Eleanor Perry.

Special Thanks to Lucie Kordacova, Henry Bradley, Francesco Cenacchi, Julian Goll
- each one of you is an essential part of this project

With the support of Italian Cultural Institute London & Lake Studios Berlin

Installation material

Luciana: Visuals – black ink on lavender coloured paper

Lavinia King: Video - English subtitles - projection on wall – loop

Lavanda 0.1: Soundcarpet  – loop

Lucy: White sofa (covers)

Lucia: Audio in headphones - voices speaking - Italian original language - loop

Leonetta: Booklet - black ink on lavender coloured paper - English translation of Itaian audio in headphones

L.: Booklet - black ink on lavender coloured paper &  black ink on white paper

Livia: Live performance - body in space (black clothes on lavender coloured shoes) – 45’