Through a largely collaborative practice, Angelica Bollettinari’s work spans curatorial, educational and artistic projects, which often have a socially engaged and participatory aspect. Since 2017 she has co-run resina, a platform for research based between London and Ferrara. resina’s work is invested in developing feminist, environmentally sustainable and non-human-centric practices through slow-paced alternative education experiments and residencies.



February 2022 - Feb 2023

An ongoing research project led by resina, to explore the local history of rice in collaboration with the women from the Choir of the Mondine from Porporana - a choir who keeps alive the history of the ‘mondine’, seasonal workers in the rice fields of various areas of the Po Valley between the end of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century.

From May until July, the mondine could be found knee-deep in flooded rice fields, clearing the water from weeds in order to allow rice to grow. The paddy fields often resounded with the sound of the weeders’ protest songs, polyphonic call-and-response songs often denouncing miserable working conditions, which are still sung by various choirs of women in Italy.

From Feb 2022 we will be collecting oral histories of rice weeders and think about their legacy with a group of young people in Ferrara, reflecting on how past struggles speak to the present and bringing history into dialogue with the current moment. The project runs from February 2022, and it will be shared to the public in May 2022 through a series of events.

The interviews and traces from the meetings will culminate in a film in 2023.

Project led by Angelica Bollettinari.